Andrew Lewer MBE MEP Sets Out His Continuin Role in Europe

Andrew Lewer MBE MEP Sets Out His Continuin Role in Europe

East Midlands MEP Andrew Lewer MBE has set out his plans for the coming months following the Brexit vote and the start of the European parliamentary year.
“My role as an MEP is not over,” he says. “There remains a big job for all UK MEPs to deliver. I aim to do what I can to assist efforts to get the best deal for the UK. I will be:

  • Offering my knowledge and expertise to the negotiation teams
    Highlighting EU spending and investment programmes that are useful and successful – as well as those that are not
  • Drawing attention to those EU rules and regulations in need of urgent and worthwhile reform
  • Maintaining and developing close cultural and educational links with our European partners
  • Ensuring East Midlands businesses, farmers, students and communities have good access to and information about EU funds while we are members and are able to contribute to the debate about what comes next.

Andrew said that although the Brexit result was unexpected, he believes there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a new-look UK.

“It will need careful deliberation and national debate. It will not happen overnight – but it is worth taking the time to get it right,” he added.

“Brexit means we can take a close look at what we want the UK to look like. It is our chance to revitalise, reform and improve. It is an opportunity to rationalise and modernise rules and regulations. It is our moment to restore local sovereignty with a bigger role and greater responsibilities for reformed local councils.

“We should not forget: we now have control of our future, the chance to change, to learn from past mistakes and all share in a brighter future.”

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