Big Bingham Bookread to celebrate author talent across Nottinghamshire

Big Bingham Bookread to celebrate author talent across Nottinghamshire

Calling all bookworms! A thrilling book competition comes to Bingham and you can help decide the winner.

Nottinghamshire County Council in partnership with New Writers UK are delighted to be launching ‘The Big Bingham Book Read’ at Bingham Library this weekend to take place over the next few months.
If you enjoy reading and use Bingham Library, you now have the opportunity to read some interesting recently published books from authors you might not normally be familiar with, and at the same time help to choose the New Writers UK ‘Book of the Year 2015’.

New Writers UK – is a Nottinghamshire based not-for-profit organisation that supports independent authors – will this year be holding its annual Book of the Year Competition in this area. Previous winners arrange the following year’s competition.

The 2013 competition – ‘The Great Beeston Book Read’  – was won by Bingham author Stephen Taylor with his historical novel ‘Ripples and Shadows’ and as a local resident he has chosen the newly refurbished Bingham Library to host this year’s competition which will be launched on Saturday, 23 May at 11am at the Library.

Councillor John Knight, Committee Chairman for Culture, at Nottinghamshire County Council said: “We are proud that the recently modernised Bingham Library will be launching the ‘Big Bingham Book Read’ which is a real celebration of local authors and a wonderful promotion for the value of reading. We wish all this year’s entrants the best of luck in the competition – there is a rich diversity of books to choose from.”

Twelve books, all published by members since May 2013, have been entered, and readers are invited to borrow any of these from Bingham Library and give them a score. Each author has donated two copies of their books to the Nottinghamshire County Library Service, which will then remain as part of their stock for future readers to enjoy.

The competition runs from Saturday, 23 May to Monday, 31 August, giving plenty of time to read as many books as you wish. The winner will then be assessed according to the scores awarded by readers, and the presentation of the award will take place later in the year.

At Saturday’s launch there will be three short, 15-minute talks, to be given by members of New Writers UK on different aspects of writing, two by previous winners. Gloria Morgan (2011 winner) will talk on ideas and inspiration – ‘What William the Conqueror did for me’; Alan Dance will speak about ‘Local history in historical fiction’, and Tom Bryson on writing scenes – ‘A knock in the middle of the night’.

More details of New Writers UK and The Big Bingham Book Read can be found at:

Details of authors taking part and books

New Writers UK authors

Rob Hann  West Bridgford, Notts
Marilyn Rice  West Bromwich
Gloria Morgan  Kimberley, Notts
Margaret Holbrook  Poynton, Cheshire
Alan Dance  Chilwell, Notts
Joy Rice  Bulwell, Notts
Margaret Thornber  Toton, Notts
G Mockford  Hucknall, Notts
Maria Dziedzan  Woodthorpe, Notts
Elisabeth Marrion  Milford on Sea, Hampshire
Pam Fish  Peterborough, Northants
Jae Malone  Arnold, Notts

Rob Hann – SAS Operation Galia

SAS Operation Galia tells the true WW2 story of bravery behind enemy lines in Northern Italy 1944.  Despite arctic weather conditions, 33 SAS troops linking with partisans provoked over 6,000 crack enemy troops into a search and destroy exercise, thereby preventing a major enemy offensive. Written by the son of one of parachutists who took part, the book won the Impress Prize on first publication.

Caption: A true story of bravery and survival behind enemy lines in Northern Italy during WW2

Marilyn Rice – Love You Forever

It is 2010, five years since Sofia’s death. Dramatic and unimaginable events have changed the lives of all at Haslington Towers. It has been witnessed by those ‘upstairs’. More surprising events occur which lead to devastating consequences before a final decision at the end of the trilogy.

Caption: Love You Forever is the final part of the Sofia Trilogy.

Gloria Morgan – The Washing Line

Blurb:  A war time murder in a remote village.  Wedding guests come from elsewhere; soldiers on leave are visiting; foreign help is in use in the harvest fields; a spirited young woman arrives in a sports car.  Is the murderer among the in-comers or does the finger of suspicion point closer to home?

Caption: A Murder Mystery set in 1943

Margaret Holbrook: Watching and Other Stories

Blurb: This collection of fourteen short stories and flash fiction is compelling and rich in diversity. There are unexpected twists, a sprinkling of humour and intrigue plus brief insights into the darker side of human nature.

Caption: Fourteen compelling short stories.

Alan Dance:  Canary Child

Blurb: An unlikely pair of amateur sleuths try to solve a fifty-year-old mystery surrounding two female workers at the Chilwell Munitions Factory during the massive explosion of July 1918, and what happened to the child left orphaned by the blast.

Caption: A supernatural mystery drama, at times tragic, yet immensely humorous.

Joy Rice: Ecstatic Pudding

Blurb: A collection of poems written over a few years in the little back bedroom in the house in Bulwell. Poems that reflect on the ups and downs, highs and lows, happy and sad times and the quirkiness of life.

Caption: Ecstatic Pudding – Not a recipe book!

M S Thornber: Silent Links

Can wrongs ever be redeemed? Can star-crossed lovers survive? Can dreams become reality?  Like the roots of the sycamore where they separately meet, their lives unfold through connected links. Stories of hope, despair and ambition develop as the clock moves on relentlessly from sunrise to sunset.

Caption: From the Killing Fields of Afghanistan to a park in urban England aspects of love tell this multi-faceted story.

G Mockford: Where Wolves Fear to Prey

Blurb. After a long day of teaching, Freeman is attacked in a dark car park. Hours later he wakes to find he’s bound to a chair and at the mercy of an angry father, who accuses him of sleeping with his teenage daughter.  Their enforced time together kindles the beginnings of a strange and unlikely friendship and they vow to uncover the truth.  Little do they know their amateur sleuthing sets off a disastrous domino effect, bringing them to the attention of an intelligent and sadistic killer.

Caption: Mystery and Murder in Nottingham

Elisabeth Marrion: Liverpool Connection

Blurb: Annie and her friends leave Ireland in 1926 young and optimistic, hoping to find a better life in Liverpool. Only things do not turn out the way they had imagined.

Caption: Can Good come out of Tragedy’

Pam Fish: Ruby’s Misfits

Blurb: Ruby Watson, marked by an unhappy past, finds fulfilment in living for others; the ‘misfits’ – who range from her sister Grace to an eccentric tramp discovered in her cellar – whose lives she transforms in the turbulent post-war years – but who will love Ruby?

Caption: Ruby Watson, marked by an unhappy past, finds fulfilment in living for others – the ‘misfits’ whose lives she transforms in the turbulent post-war Years.

Maria Dziedzan: When Sorrow Comes

Blurb: Anna is a young woman whose family is torn apart by the brutality of Stalin’s bullies in Western Ukraine in 1939. Her community, like many others, is trampled and desecrated by Bolsheviks and Fascists in turn, while Russia and Germany fight for dominance in the East. But Anna is a resilient survivor who finds her own path, despite the dangers. When her lover joins the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, she decides to help the partisans in their fight against powerful enemies. Her determination only grows as she gradually loses those she loves – but being brave can’t guarantee survival.

Caption:  A harrowing tale of love and heroism set in the beautiful landscape of war-torn Ukraine.

Jae Malone:  Silver Linings

Blurb: Christmas is approaching and for 14 year old Sam Johnson it promises to be the best ever…until Fate turns his world upside down.  Spending the holiday with little known relatives in a quiet Somerset village is not exactly his idea of a good time.  His new uncle leaves the house each night soon after phantom lights appear in the nearby forest and the local bully is out for his blood.  And why does Sam think he can hear a wolf howling in the night?

Caption: An old-fashioned Christmas fantasy for children of all ages.

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