Bingham: The best place to live – Top 10 Facts

Bingham: The best place to live – Top 10 Facts

ducksWith Bingham winning the top spot in the Family Investment survey (Family Friendly Hotspots 2013) , we decided to summarise why Bingham got the number 1 spot with the top ten facts. The survery was carried out to reveal the best place to bring up a family today. The analysis looks at education, safety, childcare, local amenities, affordability of property and population.

1) Bingham was voted the Best Town to bring up a family in England and Wales 2013 with a Key Stage 2 score of 30.96.

2) Bingham was voted 8th in 2012 with a Key Stage 2 score of 29.36 compared to the national average of 27.40.

3) Bingham has 77% of its GCSE students pass with A* to C results – a massive 34% higher than the national average.

4) The average salary of people living in Bingham was £29,497 last year (2012). But the report this year shows the figure as $24,981, compared to the national average of £21,380.

5) Residents of the market town spend an average 20% on child care, which has not changed since the 2012 report.

6) In 2012, Bingham has a crime per capita of 0.07. This figure has risen slightly to 0.09 but it it still half of the national average at 0.18.

7) A two bed property costs an average of £138,969 whereas the national average is £172,632.

8) The range of amenities where taken into account during the study. There are a variety of clubs, sports clubs and social groups. The leisure centre has become increasingly popular over the years.

9) The Scout Club is one of the most popular clubs throughout Nottinghamshire (if not the country), which attracts around 140 youngsters.

10) There is plenty of community spirit in Bingham and with this brilliant news, this spirit should be lifted even higher.

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