Bingham Crossing to be Changed

Bingham Crossing to be Changed

The level crossing on Chapel Lane is set to be unmanned by 2015. The crossing is currently operated by a signalman.

Network Rail has announced that all crossings on the Nottingham to Grantham line are to operate remotely by a control centre in Derby.

The reason for the change is because concerns have been raised about what impact the new developments happening in Bingham, could have on the traffic and the level crossing, when there is often a lengthy queue already.

The improvements could cut waiting times by around two minutes, which could improve safety for drivers and pedestrians and will improve efficiency of the line.

A spokesperson from Network Rail said that at present, the barriers could be down for around six minutes when the trains are heading towards Nottingham and are waiting to depart from Bingham Station. But then in the worst cases, another four to five minutes are added whilst waiting for another train in the other direction.

The spokesperson has admitted this was an issue for the people in the community and said the company is looking to see if times could be reduced when the area was resignalled.

Network Rail will remove the signal box once it has been decommissioned.

The changes are set to improve the access over the railway by either building a footbridge to replace the Moor Lane pedestrian crossing or by altering the existing bridge.

The railway company, is looking to improve the safety of all its crossings as part of a multi-million pound scheme, that is set to improve crossings across the country.

Mr Tony Fox, a town councillor, said he was concerned about the future safety of the crossing but did not object to the plans.

He said, “It could improve the crossing, not just the safety but the efficiency of it. If what they are going to do is make it safer and more efficient then I wouldn’t have an objection.”

A spokesperson for Network Rail said, “As a result of this, all signalling will be controlled from the East Midlands Control Centre in Derby, using the most modern signalling systems. As part of this, we will need to carry out improvements at a number of crossings and Bingham is one of these. It will either be controlled via CCTV from Derby or through an obstacle detector technology, which is widely in use across Europe and automatically stops trains if there is an obstacle on the crossing. Network Rail would not sanction any amendment or alteration to a level crossing that resulted in a higher level of risk.”

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