Bingham Day Service Granted Huge Revamp

Bingham Day Service Granted Huge Revamp

Bingham Day Service Granted Huge Revamp

A day service in Bingham, have received a grant to transform their facilities to make it more attractive for the service users.

As part of £6 million modernisation of the Rushcliffe Day Services, Nottinghamshire County Council have spent £190,000 on refurbishing the Bingham Day Service

The building on Moor Lane, formerly known as Moorlands, has been redecorated, had new floor coverings, new storage facilities and central heating has been installed to heat up the new coffee area and the newly refurbished beauty salon and toilet facilities.
As well as all this the outside areas have been newly paved and has safety fencing put up.

Around 25 a day use the centre during the working week and join in activities such as arts and crafts, exercise classes, educational and pursuits and gardening. The building will be up for hire for use of the wider community when not in use by the day service, for groups to hold meetings and their own activities.

The County Council decided that they would refurbish all 14 multi-purpose buildings, free of charge, after carrying out a countywide review and one of main issues is that the day services were not making the most of the buildings provided for them and were only using them 39 % of their capacity.

Councillor Kevin Rostance, Chairman of the County Council’s Adult Social Care Health Committee, said “The improvements have breathed new life into the facilities at the Bingham base of Rushcliffe Day Service and make it a more welcoming and modern environment for the people who will use the centre.”

The public will be able to have a look around the Bingham building on Monday (25th February 2013) between 3.30pm and 6.30pm.

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