Bingham Heritage Trails Association

Bingham Heritage Trails Association

The Bingham Heritage Trails Association has received a lottery funded grant to start on a new project. The project will include digging over 50 one-metre square pits at locations around the town with the aim of finding out more about the archaeology of the built-up areas.

Before being closed for the winter season, they managed to dig up 45 excavations with another 20 sites to go. However,  the wintery weather has delayed the resumption of the dig for the remaining sites.

Not only have they been digging, but they have been surveying some of the older buildings within the town which have been completed and they are now waiting for the reports from the House Historian and Dendrochronologist. They will also carry out a review of the costs to date and if there are funds available, then they may add more houses to the list.

Whilst they are waiting to start the dig again, they are on the look out for new sites after seeing that there are a few gaps in their coverage. East Street, Rutland Road (south end preferably on the west side near the Church), Foster Lane (east side) and on the south side of Marker Place or gardens on Long Acre which back onto the Market Place properties.

If you are in this area or own any gardens within the places mentioned and would like more information, contact Peter Allen on 01949 831 575.

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