Bingham Library to be refurbished

Bingham Library to be refurbished

A £540,000 project to improve Bingham Library has been proposed by Nottinghamshire County Council.

The project to refurbish the building will begin towards the end of the year, once the health centre has moved out of the sit into its new premises on Newgate Street.

The money would go towards creating an extention into the current health centre and increase the range of books and computer facilities as well as a gallery which can be used by artiststo exhibit their work.

A Surestart Children’s Centre will also be built into the library and they currently leases a premises in the Market Place.

Surestart will be holding activities in the library to promote their service which is open to families with young children.

Mr Derek Higton, service director for youth, families and cultural services at Nottinghamshire County Council said: “There are longstanding plans to refurbish and extend the existing Bingham Library in Eaton Place.

“It is proposed this would happen once the health centre vacates the site at the end of 2013. We are very excited that as part of the proposed redevelopment of Bingham Library, the oppurtunity exists to develop a purpose-built children’s centre.

“Currently the children’s centre leases premises on the Market Place, which we would continue to occupy untilthe new premises are complete. We would then announce the new plans as they develop and involve children and families in Bingham.”

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