Bingham Methodist Church secures full planning permission for new building

Bingham Methodist Church secures full planning permission for new building

Bingham Methodist Church’s congregation are celebrating their plans becoming reality as their project to replace the old Methodist Church with a new multi-purpose church and community centre has been granted full planning permission by Rushcliffe Borough Council.

Full consent had been approved earlier this year by Bingham Town Council, but with that decision recently being ratified by the Borough Council, the scheme can now press ahead.

The project architects Allan Joyce are drawing up a detailed specification for the building scheme to go out to contractors for tender shortly, and the steering group will be appointing a structural engineer to guide them through the project as it unfolds. Demolition and building work is expected to start in January 2015. In addition plans are being made for a final service in the old building towards the end of 2014, and for a celebratory opening service when construction is completed in 2016.

Meanwhile fundraising efforts towards the scheme are to continue. Bingham Methodist Church has so far raised £1.7m via its BReAD appeal towards the construction and any additional monies raised will cover supplementary costs of the building work as well as internal fixtures and fittings.

The new centre will provide a multi-use seated area with audio/visual facilities to be used for a variety of community meetings, and provide a worship space for Catholic Mass and Methodist Services on a Sunday. The building will feature a large hall with three smaller meeting rooms, and an entrance area where refreshments can be served. It will be designed to minimise energy consumption and use new technologies, and provide much better access particularly for the disabled. A new retail unit facing onto Eaton Place will be let out to provide income toward the future upkeep of the premises.

The Rev Richard Tanner said: “Fourteen years of hard work, fundraising and planning has gone into this project so far and with full planning permission now secured we are now looking forward to seeing our plans become reality over the next two years.”

The BReAD appeal is still open to donations. Should anyone wish to contribute to the campaign they can do so by visiting the Just Giving website for the BReAD appeal

More information about the Bingham Methodist Church can be found on their website

**Image credit: Newark Advertiser.

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  1. Walking past the construction site im not sure if the builders have taken into consideration the lightning protection system required to the structural steel frame. Just a thought before the render is all constructed.
    Kind regards

    Should have a low level bond and earth system.


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