Blood Donor Sessions in Bingham

Blood Donor Sessions in Bingham

Bingham Leisure Centre
Sunday 25th May 2014
10:00-13:00 ; 14:30-16:45

NHS Blood and Transplant needs people from all blood groups to donate.

They are especially short of O negative and B negative donors. O negative is ‘universal’and can be used with different blood groups, vital in an emergency when there may not be time for an immediate blood grouping test. B negative blood is also in demand from some ethnic groups prone to certain diseases that require blood, like sickle cell anaemia and thalassemia. B negative blood can be given to B negative or B positive patients.

Holly Mason, Lead Donor Relations Manager for Nottinghamshire for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We’re asking people to spring into action this Spring. This time of year is an important time to give, as stocks are often more vulnerable around public holidays, when people are busy getting out and about or going away for breaks. Giving blood now and in the next few weeks will also help boost blood stocks before people turn their attention towards England in the Football World Cup. Please don’t forget about those hospital patients who rely on blood donors to save their lives or keep them well.

Give blood in Bingham

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