Can you identify the mystery plane?

Can you identify the mystery plane?

Painter and author, Tim O’Brien, from Bingham, has appealed to the public for any stories or information about a twin-engine aircraft that was partially submerged in fishing ponds at Gunthorpe Bridge during the 1950’s.

Tim O’Brien has written several military history books in the past, wants people who remember anything about the plane or who have pictures of the plane to come forward and contact him.

It is not currently known where the aircraft came from, how it got there or what happened to it.

It is possible that they aircraft could have been a twin-engine Handley Page Hampden from RAF Cottesmore (right), which spun into the ground near Gunthorpe on 30th June 1942.

It could also have been a twin-engine Airspeed Oxford From RAF Wiglsey (left), which crashed into a tree near Gunthorpe Hall on 13th July 1942 or a twin-engine Armstrong Whitworth Whitley (right), which several locals have recalled crashing in the area.

Mr O’Brien said: “During the course of writing my two books, Last Post at Newton: The Life of RAF Newton and RAF Syerson: Praesta in Officiis, four separate people have mentioned this aircraft to me, asking if I could shed any light on what is was and why it was there, unfortunately  I don’t have an answer.

“David Meads, of Calverton, recalls the mystery aircraft being at a slight angle in a fishing pond close to the A6097 throughtout the 1950s and possibly into the 1960s. However it had totally disappeared by the time the Lowdham Caravans sites was extended in the 1970s when that part of the fishing pond was filled in.

“David recalls: “It was an everyday sight in the undergrowth at the side of the road, which meant that local passers-by hardly commented on it, as it had become such a feature of the landscape.

“What happened to it? Was it buried on site or taken away for scrap? Do any readers have a serial number or a photography of it?”
If you know any information about this mysterious plane, then contact Tim O’Brien on 01949 877 590 or email him at

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