Car park vs all-weather sports pitch – costs revealed

Car park vs all-weather sports pitch – costs revealed

The plans to turn the contaminated former allotments and skatepark in Bingham into a car park and all weather sports pitch could cost the council more than £800,000.

Architects have given initial estimates to the town council for the projects of the conversion being considered for the Moor Lane site.

The site was closed back in 2007 after the land was found to be contaminated with chemicals, including arsenic, cyanide and lead which was left from the town’s former gasworks, which was based on the site. But the town council are limited to how it can redevelop the site because of the contamination.

The figures where revealed at a meeting of the town council’s recreational and cemetery committee. The estimates are that the car park would cost the council around £630,000 whilst an all-weather pitch would cost around £700,000. Both costs exclude VAT and additional costs such as floodlighting.

Butt Field Sports Club has been consulted on the proposal for a new sports pitch and said while they would support the project, they do not have the resources of funds to back it financially.

However, the club said it holds long term ambitions to convert the land into a sports pitch to help expand its facilities.

The Future Bingham project, to develop u to 1,050 homes, employment land and recreation facilities, north of the railway line, has been approved and already plans for a car park near the railway line.

The town council may work in conjunction with The Crown Estate, which is behind the development, to see if they would contribute towards the conversion, using funds from its Section 106 agreement.

Section 106 agreement is drawn up when a major project is proposed to outline funding for smaller projects nearby. The new Tesco store also plans to build a car park.

Mr Paul Abbey, who proposed the all-weather sports pitch, said the town needs more leisure facilities when the Future Bingham project went ahead.

The committee will liaise with The Crown Estate and Butt Field Sports Club on the proposals.

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