Celebrating Nottingham’s rich cultural heritage

Celebrating Nottingham’s rich cultural heritage

Nottinghamshire YMCA wins Heritage Lottery Fund support

Nottinghamshire YMCA has received £49,500 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to explore the History of immigration in Nottingham.

This innovative project will explore and document the positive impact immigration has had in the city. Young people will collect first-hand accounts and explore how food, fashion and music from other cultures have enriched Nottingham over several generations.

The project will focus upon the African, Caribbean and Pakistani communities that have moved to and settled in the city.

Uniquely, the project has been created by a group of young people who identified an interest in investigating their cultural heritage, in particular why their grandparents and people of that generation came to live in Nottingham.

The project will be led by young people from Nottingham with the support of heritage professionals, cultural and community groups as well as Nottinghamshire YMCA’s experienced youth team.

Jonathan Platt, head of HLF East Midlands, said: “Developed by young people, this project will help them discover the journeys their parents and grandparents made and their experiences of settling in the city. As well as developing skills in research, project management and exhibition design, this in-depth look at their own heritage will help give them a greater sense of identity and an understanding of Nottingham’s vibrant culture.“

Darren Goodlad of Nottinghamshire YMCA explains why the project is of vital importance: “Nottingham has a history of attracting migrants from different communities over many decades. This pioneering project will support young people in discovering more about their own heritage and have them documenting their findings through art and new media. The research is of real importance to the city of Nottingham, and we are thrilled that the Heritage Lottery Fund has chosen to support us.”

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