Conservative MEPs resist “indisciplined” budget-grab

Conservative MEPs resist “indisciplined” budget-grab

Conservative MEPs, including East Midlands MEP Emma McClarkin, have this week resisted a move in the European Parliament to hike up next year’s EU budget by more than a billion pounds.

They voted solidly against a proposal from the parliament’s Budget Committee to spend a massive €136 billion next year. The figure is €1.2 billion more than agreed by national governments through the EU Council, and even €211 million more than the sum demanded by the EU Commission.

Miss McClarkin said:

“David Cameron and the EU Council were absolutely right to propose a reduced budget. In this difficult economic climate the people of Europe will expect no less.

“We must respond to tough times with resolve, not with indiscipline. We must reprioritise where we are spending.

“Top of the list must be jobs – particularly youth employment – and growth. Research and development, and the digital economy are surely the most urgent priorities.

“But these priorities must be met by redirecting spending, not by adding to the overall budget.”

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