Costa Coffee Approved

Costa Coffee Approved

Campaigners who have signed a petition against the opening of Costa Coffee in Bingham have said that they are worried about traffic and parking becoming more of a problem now that the coffee chain is set to move into Eaton Place after months of petitioning.

Costa’s franchise partner, Coffee Lovers Limited, put in an application to covert the shop, which was the former Odd Bins wine merchants into a mixed café/restaurant but the Rushcliffe Borough Council has set some conditions.

But despite over 1,500 signatures on the two petitions as well as four letters objecting to the idea, set up by Mrs Julia Williams, owner of The Picture Café and Mrs Elena Georgiuo, of the Eaton Place Fish Bar, planning officers have given permission has been given to Costa Coffee to go ahead with their plans to move into Eaton Place.

Mrs Georgiuo said “I am very angry that the Rushcliffe Borough Council haven’t listened to 2,000 people who have signed the petition but there is nothing we can do about it now, I hope that the opening of Costa won’t affect the other cafes in Bingham.”

Planning officers have said that it would have no negative effect on Bingham’s vitality and viability and function, but it would increase the popularity of the town and bring more vibrancy to the center.

Mrs Maureen Stockwood, the committee chairman for Bingham Council, stated that there were many people who supported the idea as well as opposing it.

What people are most concerned about is that yes it would bring more people to Bingham but where are they going to park. Bingham has a huge congestion problem at the best of times because there isn’t enough car parking space and there is too much traffic in the centre.

We will have to wait and see what Costa Coffee brings…


  1. The fact that you do not sweep up the cigeraret ends
    left on the ground around you outside tables is letting you down.

  2. The fact that you do not clean your outside seating area
    is letting you down.


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