Councils examine parking problem

Councils examine parking problem

A group is being set up by Rushcliffe Borough Council to examine the parking issues in Bingham.

Bingham Town and borough councillor George Davidson told a full council meeting that they are trying to find a solution.

Mr Davidson said “The issues around parking in Bingham have become critical and people are more aware of this every day.”

A number of ideas have been proposed for the town’s public car park.

These include disc zones that restrict parking for a length of time, restricting parking to two hours in the car park and introducing charging in pub car parks following The Chesterfield’s introduction of a charge.

There has also been a suggestion of a small park and ride on the old police station on Grantham Road to prevent people from parking in the town centre and using the public transport.

In an earlier article, the Rushcliffe Borough Council was criticised for handing out 20 parking tickets to motorists who used empty parking bays on a market day during restricted hours. The restrictions are to allow market traders to park and keep their vehicles close during trading hours.

Malcom Barham warned councillors not to overreact by introducing schemes that could create more problems.

He said, “We could start to charge people for parking, but they would then park on streets and in front of houses. Then we would end up with parking permits for residents. People might not be able to park on their own streets and visitors would have to get special permits.”

Maureen Stockwood did not want to charge motorists to park as it would drive them to other places where there are no fees such as Radcliffe.

Sue Hull said the NHS breast cancer unit. which has taken five spaces since February last year, would be moving at the end of the month and will not be using car park.

She said “It is not just five spaces for five cars because each space is generally used by around five different cars a day.

“A lot of people tell me they no longer park in Bingham. If they can’t park, how can they carry their shopping?”

Workers building the new health centre on Newgate Street, have been taking up a further six spaces daily.

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