The Crown Estate ‘Future Bingham’ Proposal

The Crown Estate ‘Future Bingham’ Proposal

1As we all know The Crown Estate are planning to build a ‘new’ town on the other side of the railway line. These plans have been unanimously approved by the Rushcliffe Borough Council. The new town with have over 1,000 homes, jobs and £7 million investment in local infrastructure.

But what are the plans exactly. We have done some research, taken it and put it into this article for you fellow Binghamers to read at your leisure.

“The Crown Estate’s planning application aims to secure a buoyant future for Bingham.”

The outline of The Crown Estate’s plans are:

  • A local centre off Chapel Lane with a primary school with a primary school, and sites for a potential community centre and localised retail such as a newsagents and convenience shopping.

The plans originally proposed a health facility but has since changed. The Crown Estate have apparently put in a sum of money towards the new Bingham Medical Centre on Newgate Street, which has just recently opened. See article.

  • Three children’s play areas.
  • The potential for financial contributions to a range of additional or improved community facilities such as the primary school site, secondary school places, community and health facilities.
  • A 1km long linear park occupying 5.82 hectares, based on the current Car Dyke.
  • Enhancing Parson’s Hill within a 4.9 hectare Country Park concept integrated by foot and cycle paths with the proposed lake and linear park.
  • The use of 17.2 hectares for new employment in a range of light and general industrial, business, and storage uses with the potential for creating 1,400 jobs.
  • Up to 1000 new house in a mix of sizes, styles and tenure and with 30% affordable.

Again, this has now changed. Due to the health facility now being placed, 50 more houses will be built, making the total 1,050 houses.

This is the basic outline of what is to come of the spare land on the other side of the industrial estate. So how will these plans benefit Bingham and the surrounding villages.

“Changing the permitted employment land into a new community with a mix of uses has the benefit of helping reduce additional traffic, by providing homes and jobs in the same location.”

Dualling the A46 will enable new direct links onto the old A46 from Chapel Lane. This means traffic can access the trunk road without the need to pass through Bingham.

2According The Crown Estate there plans will improve:

  • Rail crossings for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Public transport links and station access.
  • Access to the Butt Field and station area.

As well as:

  • Reallocate and increase of space for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Improve the bridge over the rail line at the station.
  • Make the most of the old A46 as a new local road.
  • Provide new car parking to the north of the station.

“Almost a third of the 91 hectare site will be public open space with a new country park, lake and allotments.”

The Car Dyke runs across the sites from west to east on land that is already permitted for employment development. The Car Dyke drains water from the surrounding land.

Their plans will use an innovative solution for drainage and flood prevention within the area, by remodelling the Car Dyke. A water based linear park will feed into the new lake adjacent to a park on Parsons Hill.

The Car Dyke would be improved to increase its ability to contain water and, will be landscaped to create an attractive route for walking and cycling. This will also provide wildlife habitats and news landscaping.

A number of specific features of the plan have been directly influenced by feedback including the addition of a proposed car park to the north of the railway station and the proposed new neighbourhood centre with community facilities.

Other benefits for the town will be:

  • A lake and country park play areas and a primary school.
  • Potential improvements to healthcare facilities.
  • New allotments
  • The Car Dyke will be extensively landscaped to create a linear park of wildlife habitats and planting features in a sustainable water drainage system, from the A46 across to a proposed new lake next to Parson’s Hill.
  • The development will also provide up to 1,050 homes and about 1,400 jobs voer the next ten years.

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