Cub Scout pending closure if another leader isn’t found soon

Cub Scout pending closure if another leader isn’t found soon

A total of 24 eight to ten-year-olds at 1st Bingham Gemini pack would be unable to meet if extra leaders are not recruited.

In the last three months, the pack has been reduced to two adult leaders through ill-health and family commitments.

The pack, based at Carnarvon School, needs at least one more leader so it can keep providing fun and enriching activities for young people on a weekly basis.

Last week’s meeting was cancelled because one of the leaders was unavailable due to work commitments.

Leader Mr Adrian Telford said: “We want to secure the long-term future of the group.

“In 2016 we have the centenary of Cub Scouts in the UK and we want to make sure young people have the best experience throughout that period.”

Mr Telford said anyone over the age of 18 could sign up to become a Cub Scout leader and no previous experience in Scouting or Guiding was necessary.

“If we had to close it would leave 24 young people with nowhere to go,” he said.

“There is another pack in Bingham which is full and the neighbouring packs are full as well.”

Mr Telford said the closure would affect the whole group as Scouts and Explorers would lose potential new members and Beavers, who are younger than Cubs, would have no group to step up to.

“The leader role would involve organising and planning activities and working with up to 24 children aged eight to ten,” he said.

“They get accredited training, a sense of working in the community, volunteering, and helping young people to develop and grow.”

The Cub pack is ideally looking for someone to sign up to help on a weekly basis but leaders can fit the role around their work commitments.

The pack does a variety of activities, both indoor and outdoor, including camping, backwoods cooking and hikes.

Recently a team from 209 (West Bridgford) Squadron Air Training Corps helped deliver the air activities badge.

The air cadets visited the cubs to give a slideshow about the history of flight, basic principles of flight and aviation facts.

Last week, the cubs visited the air cadets at their newly-opened £1m headquarters on Wilford Lane, West Bridgford, where they learnt how to fly and land a glider in the squadron’s glider cockpit simulator.

The Cubs also competed in a paper aeroplane contest to see which flew the longest distance and practised marching.

Anyone who can help should contact Mr Telford on 07727 200071 or

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