East Midlands Conservatives back Business Taskforce EU call

East Midlands Conservatives back Business Taskforce EU call

The Government’s Business Taskforce has today proposed 30 reforms to slash EU red tape and save British companies tens of billions of pounds.

At next week’s European Council, Prime Minister, David Cameron, will be calling for a clear commitment to sweep away unnecessary bureaucratic barriers and to unleash private sector growth.

Commenting on the news, East Midlands Conservative MEP, Emma McClarkin said: “It is vital that business can take full advantage of the EU’s single market. But all too often EU rules are a handicap for firms.

“That’s why the Government established this Taskforce, which has made clear that there are lots of simple and practical ways to cut EU red tape. “

“Part of my work as an MEP is to push back the tide legislation and red tape, ensuring British companies are in the best possible place to grow and be successful.”

Councillor Andrew Lewer, Conservative East Midlands MEP candidate at the 2014 elections, added: “Business people, particularly owners of small firms, are forced to spend too much time complying with costly regulations.

“These reforms are the right medicine for the European Union and the Prime Minister will be making a robust case for them next week at the European Council in Belgium.”

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