Local Eco Homes Open to the Public

Local Eco Homes Open to the Public

Householders of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire will have the opportunity to showcase their homes to the public this spring – but these are not just any houses, they are eco friendly houses called Eco Homes. Residents across the two counties will be able to visit real Eco Homes between 2nd and 10th March, as part of the first ever Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Eco Homes Open Week.

Visitors will be able to see what improvement have been made to the original houses. Improvements such as: solar panels, solid wall insulation, a straw bale extension, air source heat pumps, grey water recycling systems, vegetable growing and much more, can be funded by the government’s new Green Deal and details of these measures will be on display.

Not only will residents be able to take inspiration from visiting these homes, they will have the opportunity to visit events including a community-owned hydro project at Torrs Riverside Park in Derbyshire, the Derbyshire Eco Centre, the Gloworm training centre in Belper and many more events across the neighbouring counties.

Caroline Harman of Marches Energy Agency, one of the organisations behind the event, said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to visit real eco homes in your own community and get inspired to make your own home more environmentally friendly and cheaper to heat. It will be a bit like an Open Gardens Day, but householders will be showing off their insulation and solar panels instead of their sunflowers and chrysanthemums!”

Any houses near to Bingham?

A bit closer to home are three houses in West Bridgford and they are opening their doors to visitors. The oldest house, a Victorian semi-detached on Patrick Road, was built in the 1890’s and was a G rated house before it was turned into THE ‘Nottingham Eco Home’.

The second, is a 3 bed detached house, with solid wall construction, built in 1952 on Harrow Road and has been dramatically refurbished and now approaches the new Passivhaus Refurbishment (EnerPHit) standard.

Lastly, this house was only built in 2006 but the owner has been able to dictate above average levels of insulation as it was being built. This houses uses solar energy for its entire annual heating and hot water requirements!

So if you live nearby a Eco house that is opening its doors, pop into one of the houses or visit one the events running across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

For more details about which houses are open and when and what other events are open during the week, see this website: http://www.everybodys-talking.org/ecohomes/

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