Exhibition at Bingham Library

Exhibition at Bingham Library

Rushcliffe Photographic Society has opened a new exhibition in the Bingham Library. The exhibition, which will run over a four week period, will feature some images and photographs produced by some of the members of the society (a number of whom are from Bingham).

Rushcliffe Photographic Society is a local camera club that was founded in the 1980’s to promote participation and enjoyment in photography. Based at The Parish Rooms in Tollerton, the society have around 40 members ranging from the novices to the more experienced photographers.

They offer an imaginative programme of activities and events that include piratical and hands-on sessions. Each session is different as they explore and learn about new skills and techniques alongside talks and presentations from guest speakers from outside of the society who specialise in wildlife, automotive, forensic and landscape photography.

Aside from all of this, members of the society explore photography further a field. Every year an annual photographic long weekend away is arranged for the members. Every year there has been a successful trip to the Lake District, Beaumaris, Anglesey, Lindisfarne, Dorset and many more. These trips are a brilliant opportunity to spend time together and learn new techniques and improve old ones.

There are also evenings out to local sites and Saturday workshops available to small groups to work on a particular area of photography.

As the society approach the new season, which starts in September 2013 and ends in June 2014, are running a campaign to attract and invite new members by having a ‘New Members Evening’ on Tuesday 3rd September. Anyone of any ability can join and the age range stands at 18-99 years of age. The group are very proud that they will be celebrating a members 100th birthday next season.

The photographic society run a number of competitions throughout the year for the club members. The competitions have a class for beginners and intermediate level photographers and a class for the experienced members.

The biggest competition in a five round event. There are two ‘open’ rounds and three ‘themed’ rounds. This years themes are ‘Dereliction and Decay’, ‘Close-up or Macro’ and ‘Sport’. There are sections for printer and projected images as well as a ‘monochrome’ competition and a panel competition – where the entrant provides a series of images of their choice that are presented for judging as a complete set or panel.

So if you’re interested in photography Rushcliffe Photographic Society may have just what you’re looking for. More information about us can be found at www.rushcliffephotosoc.co.uk, and they can be contacted via email at:

secretary@rushcliffephotosoc.co.uk or Chairman@rushcliffephotosoc.co.uk

or you would like to see the exhibition, visit the Bingham Library between the 1st and 31st August 2013

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