Interview with Vale Judo Squad Members

Interview with Vale Judo Squad Members

As part of the promotion of the new classes being offered at Bingham Leisure Centre, we have an interview with 3 young members of Vale Judo Club talking about why they joined the club, competitions and why other juniors should take up judo.

This interview was conducted with Daniel Bennett (13), Sofia Palmer (12) and Callum Rowley (14).

Q – How long have you been at the club?

A – Daniel – 6 years,

Sofia – 4 years,

Callum – 3 years.

Q – Why did you want to start judo?

A – Daniel and Sofia – We first did judo as part of the primary schools judo programme and thought that it was great fun!

Callum – My sister (Megan) joined the club and loved training and competing so I thought that I would have a go!

Q – What do you like best about judo?

A – Daniel – It is great fun and a very sociable atmosphere.

Sofia – I like to learn new things – techniques to help me win competitions are best!

Callum – Making new friends and travelling to new places.

Q – So have you took part in many competitions recently? And have you won any?

A – Daniel – British Championships and Sportif International (pre-cadet u66kg – gold).

Sofia – Independent Schools Championships, British Schools National Championships and BJC Nationals (u48kgs – gold, bronze, silver).

Callum – British Schools National Championships, BJC Nationals (u50kg – 14/15 years – gold, silver).

Q – What was your most memorable competitions so far?

A – Daniel – The British Junior Nationals 2012 – that was the most focussed I have ever been to date.

Sofia – Kent international and British Schools – these are big events!

Callum – Molkom Championships in Sweden – that was my first time abroad and there were a LOT of trees!

Q – What would you say to any juniors thinking of joining the Vale Judo competition squad training sessions and taking part in competitions?

A – Daniel – Come along, it is demanding but you will learn lots of new techniques that will help you to win competitions.

Sofia – Be ready to work hard, don’t be late and make the most of the coaching.

Callum – It can be a bit nerve racking but it is fun and chatting with other squad members can help settle any nerves.


Thanks for the interview Daniel, Sofia and Callum.

The Bingham classes start 6th June 2013.

Judo Club Set to Launch in Bingham

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