Moving forward to ease congestion

Moving forward to ease congestion

Action is now taking place on the proposed one way system in Bingham town centre.

Nottinghamshire County Council have consulted the businesses along Market Street about the traffic flowing in one direction.

It is hoped that the new plans would relieve congestion around the market square. Bingham Town Council have discussed the proposal at a meeting of the environment committee.

Apart from the new one way plans, new parking restrictions would also be introduced, according to Chairman John Eagles. Vehicles will not be able to part on Market Street from 8am to 6pm, except on Sundays.

Mr Eagles said “We have been asking for this for many years. At the moment, the restriction is in place on a Thursday only. For the rest of the week, you can park there and block the whole road.”

He continued to say that the restrictions were also likely to be introduced on the east side of Cherry Street

Questions were raised on how it would be policed, Mr Eagles replied that the issue has been raised with the county council.

The council had not consulted the public to avoid delaying the process, because funding for the project was available during the current financial year only. However, the committee was told the proposal was unlikely to go before the county cabinet in September.

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