New Guide To EU Funding For Rural Communities

New Guide To EU Funding For Rural Communities

A new booklet aimed at helping rural businesses and communities make the most of EU funding opportunities has been published by East Midlands MEP Andrew Lewer MBE.

Entitled: “A Changing Landscape: Farming and Rural Business Funding Opportunities”, the guide brings together all you need to know to apply for EU grants and potential options for the future post-Brexit.

“It will be a while before we Brexit the EU,” said Andrew. “Until then it is important that farmers, businesses and local communities continue to benefit from the EU funding opportunities on offer, as well as reflecting upon what comes next.”

Andrew said he wanted to make it easy for rural communities to make the most of the EU and to consider what a future outside the EU might look like. The 50-page booklet:

· provides facts about EU funding opportunities and regulatory information for farmers and rural businesses

· examines options for the future, asks questions and seeks answers to how we use the freedoms and flexibilities following Brexit.

“I have lived in rural areas for virtually my entire life,” added Andrew. “I want to do what I can to help our rural life and landscapes flourish, be successful and protected.

“It is good news that the Government has confirmed that funding will continue to apply to the agricultural, university/research sectors and for some local authority projects until 2020. It means we have short to medium term stability for rural businesses and also the time and space for debate about future funding options.”

Andrew is also interested to hear views on how the UK – and the East Midlands – might want to regulate, fund and incentivise rural business post Brexit.

“What do we want our countryside to look like in the long term?” asks Andrew. “The East Midlands is well known for the quality and the diversity of its landscapes, farming patterns and its significance to the overall economy. It is important we protect it for future generations and do the best we can to support rural communities and the rural economy.”

You can receive a free copy of the booklet by emailing Andrew Lewer


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