New Traffic Plans for Bingham

New Traffic Plans for Bingham

New Traffic Plans for Bingham

Long-awaited talks over plans to make Market Street, Bingham a one-way system are set to take place sometime this year.

The Nottinghamshire County Council have drafted up two proposals to present to the Bingham Town Council’s Environment Committee.

One scheme would have parking bays on the east side and the other scheme would have them on the west side. Under one plan, there is going to be fewer bays on the east side to allow access to properties and the Co-op. Alternatively, there would be more bays on the west side, but this is the more expensive option. It is unclear if the bays would be for loading, short-term or long-term parking.

But both plans would include building out parts of the path to narrow the road and will include a pedestrian crossing.

Paul Hillier, the County Council’s local transport planning officer, said that it is too early for the plans to be publicly released, but consultation could start later this year.

“There is a problem with vehicles parking outside the Co-op and causing blockages for buses on the corner.”

However, in an alternative method to ease congestion, is to introduce a Traffic Regulation Order to stop cars from parking there, although there could be many objections to this and it would take too long to set up.

What do you think?

What are the real problems of the Market Place, and how do you think it could be solved?

More information will be released soon… Watch this space.

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