New Youth Facilities – Student’s Opinion

New Youth Facilities – Student’s Opinion

Students of Toot Hill School have had their say on the plans to build more youth facilities in Bingham.

Town councillors surveyed the pupils at the school and the majority of the students wanted a youth shelter near the Young People’s Centre which is near the school.

The students were asked to select from a range of plans – a youth shelter, free-running area, skating area, outdoor gym and a basketball court.

They were also asked where they would like the facility built with a choice of either Wynhill, Toot Hill playing fields and two other locations. A total of 415 pupils took part in the survey with 176 choosing the centre as their preferred location and 154 opting for Wynhill.

The survey results will be considered by the council’s recreational and cemetery committee, which will make a final decision.

Mr John Stockwood, the chairman of the committee, said they faced a difficult choice because free-running equipment was the least popular choice and last year Urban Dash, a free-running group, raised money for youth facilities and gave a presentation to the council.

Any youth shelter would have to be a substantial structure to deter vandalism after the previous shelter at Wynhill was vandalised.

Mr George Davidson, said the gym would be more expensive to install than a shelter and Mr Paul Abbey said the council would have to consider the school’s plans for using the land near the Young People’s centre before it came up with ideas of their own.

The committee decided to consider its option before making a decision.

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