Nottinghamshire YMCA Announce New Activities For Summer

Nottinghamshire YMCA Announce New Activities For Summer

Nottinghamshire YMCA has added four brand-new activities to its summer schedule. Mountain biking, cooking, crafts (including textiles, pottery, and fine art options), and American flag football will be on offer at Camp Williams at the Nottingham Emmanuel School from July 2017.

These activities are known at Camp Williams as ‘skills clinics’. Designed to be fun and challenging, skills clinics are opportunities for children to learn and develop a new skill with expert training.

Skills clinics are just one of the ways in which Camp Williams promotes positive, experience-led development for young people. Children from the age of four take part in swimming, camp rallies, group games, and Camp Fire Fridays, making friends and lasting memories along the way. Camp Williams helps to build self-esteem, giving young people the confidence that they need to seek exciting, fulfilling experiences in adult life.

Steffen Benbow, Camps and Adventure Services Manager at Nottinghamshire YMCA, said: “Skills clinics are perfect opportunities for children to discover a new talent that could potentially change their life. How do you know you can work for somewhere like Ubisoft if you never get to have a go at game design? How will you get to be a world champion kayaker if you never try kayaking? What’s great about Camp Williams is that it’s a safe space to try these things. I love that we can provide the children here with opportunities to try out so many different and exciting activities.”

The full range of skills clinics on offer for 8-15 year olds this summer includes game design, paddle sports, American flag football, skateboarding, drama & theatre, music, mountain biking, basketball, arts & crafts, cooking, science, football, film & photography, archery, and climbing. Hannah Vernalls has been attending Camp Williams since 2015 and has found her calling in the climbing skills clinic.

Hannah said: “I’m so happy I started climbing at Camp Williams; I do it every Saturday now! I joined a climbing centre and have started working towards my Level 2 Climbing Certificate. I’ve also taken up bouldering, which is climbing at lower levels without a rope. I want to keep getting better and making myself proud.” (See photo below)


The new skills clinics will be introduced during Summer camp, beginning in July 2017. As well as full bookings which include skills clinics for 8 – 15 year olds, Camp Williams offers one-day programmes: Kids Zone (4 -7 year olds) and Pioneer Camp (8 – 12 year olds). All children take part in sports, games, arts, crafts, and swimming. Kimberley Camp and YMCA childcare also run in the school holidays, as well as trips and activities with YMCA Adventure Guides. Visit to see all of the programmes that Nottinghamshire YMCA has to offer for families and young people during summer.

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