Nottinghamshire YMCA will host a Celebration of Culture showcase on Saturday 20th May at Nottingham Contemporary

Nottinghamshire YMCA will host a Celebration of Culture showcase on Saturday 20th May at Nottingham Contemporary

In partnership with Boxsmart & Cultural Vibrations, YMCA Digital will host this special exhibition that will celebrate the history and culture of several Nottinghamshire communities, thanks to Heritage Lottery Funding.

African, Caribbean, and Pakistani communities and culture will be celebrated with a range of activities including food tasting, music, art and fashion workshops, and performances by local musicians Amie Cherry (above), HS Jalal, the Mystic Beats Kids Choir, and Blessing Magore & the Afroklectic Band.

The showcase will mark the end of YMCA Digital’s ‘The History of Immigration Project’, a ten-month long project funded by Heritage Lottery Funding, which explored the stories of people from African, Caribbean and Pakistani communities, looking at how and why they settled in Nottingham throughout the 20th century.

During the project, young people from YMCA digital interviewed members of the African, Caribbean and Pakistani communities, collecting real life stories to showcase at the event. The young people also received training from local journalists, with workshops and creative activities to stimulate discussion.

Darren Goodlad, Youth Programme Manager at Nottinghamshire YMCA, said: “This project was unifying and empowering, especially for the young people who heard stories from the three communities. It is important to share oral traditions and to recognise the journeys that people from all different cultures have taken. We cannot wait for the showcase so that we can celebrate all of the project’s achievements.”

YMCA Digital is a Nottinghamshire YMCA youth programme, which engages 13-19 year olds in radio broadcasting, film, animation, music, music production dance, acting and singing. With expert advice and guidance from youth workers, young people working with YMCA digital can achieve nationally recognised awards such as: Arts Awards – Bronze, Sliver and Gold.

Nottinghamshire YMCA host a broad range of programmes and activities for children and young people, from YMCA childcare in the school holiday, to trips and activates with the Adventure Guides, to Camp Williams. To find out more about Nottinghamshire YMCA’s programmes visit

Event details: 1pm – 4pm 20th May, The Space at Nottingham Contemporary, free event, suitable for families and children of all ages

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