One-way ticket in the Market Place

One-way ticket in the Market Place

Plans to make Market Street, Bingham a one-way system, could be in place by April 2014, but the public are unlikely to be consulted.

Nottinghamshire County Council faces a deadline because funding for the scheme is only available during the current financial year.

This means that is a full public consultation was to take place, it would delay the process and will not be done in time.

Bingham Town Council met with the county council to discuss the proposal.

Mr George Davidson told a meeting of the town’s environment committee, “It is absolutely essential in the view of the officers that this scheme is implemented in the current financial year, because of the funding. I think they would hope to get an agreement from us as soon as possible.”

He continued to say that the town council might have a to call an extra meeting to discuss what is being proposed.

Mr Davidson said the county council would have to discuss the proposal by September, which meant it would have to complete its paperwork by the end of July, to get the scheme completed before the deadline.

“If they had to have a full consultation about the whole scheme, it wouldn’t happen this year. In an ideal world, we would want to consult everyone about everything,”

Parking restrictions on two streets nearby, are likely to be introduced alongside the new system. The county council has indicated that traffic regulation orders affecting where and when people could park on Cherry Street and Church Street has been included in the proposals.

There will be a public consultation on the traffic regulation orders.


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