Pilot of Aircraft puts Public at Risk

Pilot of Aircraft puts Public at Risk

If you get in an aircraft, the saying is up, up and away! But not in this case, someone had been flying an aircraft at a stupidly low height.

A single engined lift aircraft was seen flying over St Mary’s Road and Canarvon Primary school on Saturday 2nd March. The pilot of the plane who flew over the area has risked his life and the public within the area because he was flying at roof top height. It is being investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Pc John Reason, Bingham’s beat officer, said that two members of the public reported the plane to the police just before 2.00pm that day.

“The aircraft was flying at an altitude of around 40ft to 50ft, dropping below the level of a two-storey house.”

He continued to say that the minimum altitude of which an aircraft can fly at was 500ft.

Tollerton Airport have been asked if they had seen the plane taken off or landed on the runway, but the Tollerton control tower could not identify the plane.

Pc Reason said it was very irresponsible flying. A member of the public had taken a photo of the aircraft, with the registration number visable and has been passed on to the Civil Aviation Authority.

“It is possible that they were showing off to someone on the fround. If they had lost control of the aircraft at that height, it could easily have ploughed into homes with occupants inside and the pilot and others would likely have died.

“You get some people who have got money in their pocket in powerful new cars, who are messing about but never someone in an aircraft behaving in a way like this. I have never dealt with a case like this before, it is a very strange one.”

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority confirmed it was investigating the incident and no further comments were made.


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