Scam Alert!

Scam Alert!

Involving “Secure Fraud Unit” of well known High Street Bank.

Trading Standards officers have been made aware of a fraudulent phone call, posing as the Secure Fraud Unit at a well-known high street bank. The bogus caller went on to say that the victims account was subject to fraudulent activity and that they needed to send them money so that they could catch whoever was involved.

The victim was told not to say anything to anyone, but to send large quantities of cash to the criminals. The victim sent a payment of £1,500 by money order and the following day sent a further £1,500 again by money order.

The fraudsters were still not satisfied with £3,000, they went on to request further payment, still claiming to be able to catch whoever was involved in the supposed fraud.  Struggling to afford these payments, the victim took out a bank loan of £3,000 and claimed that they needed some extra cash for home improvements.

It was only when the victim tried to take out a further loan a few days later, to send onto the criminals, that the bank became aware of the situation,. However, the victim is now responsible for the repayments of the loans they has taken out. It is not yet known if these loans were secured, meaning that there is a real risk that this innocent victim cold lose property if the repayments are not kept up.

We are sharing this information with you and we want you to share this with family, friends and colleagues. Around half of us will have been targeted by a scam and around one in 15 responding, losing huge amounts of money to criminals, preying on the most vulnerable in our community.

You can report a fraud to Action Fraud by using the online fraud reporting tool at or by speaking to an advisers on 0300 123 2040.


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