Staying off the tracks in Bingham this Summer

Staying off the tracks in Bingham this Summer

Despite the closure of the Nottingham train station, people are being warned to steer clear of the railway line at Bingham.

Between 20th July and 25th August, the line from Grantham to Nottingham, will be closed meaning that no passenger trains will be travelling through Bingham. Nottingham Station is being closed due to refurbishment, allowing Network Rail to spend £100 million on renewing signals, parts of the track and junctions.

Network Rail have said while the closure might make the line appear a more attractive place to play, it still remains dangerous.

A spokesperson said, “It is important to make people aware that it is as vital as ever that people do not trespass on the railway during the work at Nottingham.”

They continued to say that even though passenger trains will not be passing through, delivery and engineering trains will continue to run.

“Trains are just one of the hazards on the railway, which is a highly unsafe environment for anyone who is not trained to be there.”

British Transport Police have said that trespassing on the railway line in Bingham, has declined by 2/3 over the past three years, but it was still concerned it was only a matter of time before someone was seriously injured or killed.

Inspector Mark Clements said, “In the school holidays we often see an increase in reports of children playing on the line. I cannot overstate how dangerous trespassing on the railway is.

“Though youngsters may think they are perfectly safe and can get out of the way of any trains, they often fail to realise the true situation and the danger they are in.”

In 2010, there were 18 reports of trespassing on the railway, seven reports in 2012. There has been a reported incident of stone-throwing in 2010.

In Aslockton, there has been one incident a year over the past three years.

Inspector Clements stated, “Trains can approach quietly and if you are trespassing, often when you do hear an approaching train, it can be too late to move out of the way.

“Unlike cars, trains cannot swerve to avoid people or items in their path and it can take up to the length of 20 football pitches for a train to stop.

“The message is simple, stay safe during the holidays and stay off the tracks.”


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