Tesco Plans Affect Local Business

Tesco Plans Affect Local Business

Tesco Plans Affect Local Business

The owner of King Stone Products Ltd, fears he will have to leave Bingham if Tesco plans go ahead.

Owner Shaun King, who has been at Chapel Lane for 10 years, has been told that if Tesco get their appeal finally approved, that his business will be the place for a petrol station. The proposed sit for the Tesco Supermarket is where Sercon Building Supplies used to be, but have moved to Langar since.

He said that the supermarket giant has offered to help find a new site, but town and borough councillors have also offered to help, but he is still searching for another site after saying sites in Bingham, Chesterfield and Sheffield are not suitable.

He said that back in 2009, he only found out about the new plans after an employee of his irm, brought him a letter from Tesco that had been sent to a nearby resident. A representative from Tesco has apologised for not telling him about the plans.

Shaun King has said, “My feelings are that we have been her for ten years, it has taken us this long to get this factory to where it is.”

He continued to say, “If we have to relocate, there’s a fair chance that people in Bingham would not be prepared to travel to wherever we relocate to, and that is if we can find somewhere.

“Tesco are creating 150 jobs. Most are part-time jobs, but it is 20 careers that would be lost. I cannot believe they would let it happen.”

Jonathan Simpson, a Tesco spokesman, said, “We are hoping to work with Mr King to find another location for him and the offer is always there to meet him and help him.

“As the biggest private sector employer in the country, we have a strong record on employment benefits.”


  1. its about time bingham had a supermarket the ppl In bingham are so old fashioned old ppl with old beliefs bingham needs to become more modern they have started with new houses so they now need to catch up with shops to meet the needs of young ppl liveing in the area

  2. Dear John smith and others who agree with him!
    Do u forget that Bingham is voted in among the top 10 places to live in the midlands! And this is manly down to its “old fashioned ways and old beliefs” I own one of the new homes and in a younger member of the area but I chose to move to Bingham because of the way it is now…. I and many others do not want a massive tesco (of all supermarkets) next door! I have chosen to live hear just as u all have and along with that I chose to drive/taxi/bus/Tain into Nottingham or anywhere to get my shopping. Come on people next u will want a primark in ur front garden!!
    Say no to tesco we love ur town the way it is ‘perfect’



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