The Art of Music for the Corporate Video

So you’ve just filmed a corporate video. You have the perfect short video that best describes your company and what you are about. With a topnotch performance and cinematography worthy of an Oscar, there just seems to be one thing missing. Despite your greatest efforts the video just seems slow and uninteresting. This is where your choice of music comes in. And in some respects the ingredient that can make or break your video. So it’s strange that the choice of music always seems to be somewhat of an afterthought or not even considered at all.

You may be tempted to use your favorite song in the background, but when you see the cost of licensing the music from the record labels, you’ll be quick to change your mind. So you’ll no doubt turn to royalty free music. There is a plethora to choose from. Some you’ll pay a one off fee, anywhere between £10 and £50 but if you really want to keep costs low, there is the free stuff, of which there is plenty, but to find anything worth using, you’ll have to spend some time to find that diamond in the rough.

There is no exact science to choosing the perfect piece of music for the video, but you can at least go by the feel of the music to match the tone of the video you want to create. Whilst it seems counterproductive, generally you don’t want the music to be noticed, at least whilst there is talking or narration. So whilst that soft rock tune creates the perfect energetic vibe, if it draws attention to itself you’ll be destroying the message you are trying to get across.

If the music plays a more important role in the video, you may choose a piece that is noticeable, but must compliment the narration or message, perhaps having a break in the music when more important phrases are spoken, or having the more vibrant parts of the music timed with a montage and returning to quite when speech continues.

The only real way of picking out the perfect music is through trial and error. With our corporate video, we tried a variety of different style of music to suit the tone without being too domineering, or even cheesey. Below you can see some snippets from the video with some of the music we decided not to use. You will then see the world of difference the correct music can do for your video.

Chris Lane is a local videographer and photographer specialising in and corporate videos. He is also an active member of the local film maker community, regularly both making and working on short films. For more information and contact details visit

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